Aroma Marble Dining Table


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The Aroma Marble Dining Table was a revolutionary modern dining table because it stood in stark contrast to the pedestal tables that came before this groundbreaking design. The pedestal base is Saarinen’s solution to unflattering table legs and the organic round marble creates a luxurious dining experience for up to four guests.

  • 18mm solid white sealed marble
  • Round shape
  • Gloss white aluminum base
  • Marble is a natural stone material and will vary significantly in color tone, vein markings and surface texture
  • Some assembly required (approximately 15 minutes)

Product description

There is something about the size of this table that makes it so special and such a popular choice. Whereas we may not all have room for the larger oval-shaped tables, the circular ones do seem to fit every space, and with no less of the wow factor too.

The stunning tabletop delivers natural beauty with show-stopping beveled marble.

The stable, sturdy base is crafted from aluminum and features a tapering pedestal and round floor plate.

Classic is a word all too often used to describe something old, something vintage, however, to find the true sense of this endearing term is to see how it has fared over the test of time. The Aroma marble Tables have never wavered in popularity, have looked good in changing interiors through the decades, and have a majestic eye-catching appearance, classic characteristics indeed.



Mid-century modern

Table Size

3-4 PEOPLE (80CM Diameter), 4-6 PEOPLE (120CM Diameter)


75 H x 80 Diameter
75 H x 120 Diameter


3-4 PEOPLE (80CM Diameter) 45KG
4-5 PEOPLE (100CM Diameter) 80KG


Italian Carrara Marble, Gloss white Aluminum base


Marble is a porous stone so remember to wipe spills immediately.
Acidic foods and liquids will stain and etch the marble surface quickly. In case of accidental spills, soak up with a dry soft absorbent cloth immediately. Additional cleaning with a damp cloth may be needed. Buff dry.
Do not put hot objects on the surface.
Dust with a soft, dry cloth and clean with a slightly damp cloth​.
Do not use abrasive cleaners.
Avoid placing rough or sharp objects​ on the surface.
Use coasters or placemats and trivets where possible, to prevent discoloration of the surface.
Keep furniture away from direct heat or sunlight.
Lift when moving, do not drag​.
Periodically check that all connections are tightly secured.

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